What About Bruce Jenner?

Bruce Jenner

I’m a logician. No matter how wrong I am, I can always convince myself I am right. -Jarod Kintz   Continue Reading



“For the wrath of man does not work the righteousness of God.” - James 1:20 Some stories put me in touch with my inner murderer. This one’s a pretty good example. Continue Reading

Transsexual Tragedy


“No, of course, What really matters is the blame, Somebody to blame Fine, if that’s the thing you enjoy, Placing the blame, If that’s the aim, Give me the blame." -from 'Into the Woods' by Stephen Sondheim’ There’s a time for mourning and a time for finger pointing, and generally they shouldn’t mingle. Case in point: The recent and well publicized suicide of 17 year old Joshua Alcorn, a high school transsexual going by the name “Leelah”, who posted a farewell message  via Tumblr on December 28, deliberately timed to be displayed Continue Reading

The Transsexual Dilemma: Part 2 of a 5-Part Series


Recent events in both the culture and the Church have prodded me this week to post, in a five-part series, an article I wrote on transsexualism six years ago for the Christian Research Journal.    (You can find it in its original form here) Continue Reading

Robin Williams and the Dark Plunge

Robin Williams

(I’m reposting this message with a few updates in light of the Robin Williams tragedy, Continue Reading

Assessing Matthew Vines “God and the Gay Christian” Part IV: Paul and Romans One


“All lies and jest Still a man hears what he wants to hear And disregards the rest.” -Simon and Garfunkel, The Boxer Reading Matthew Vines new book reminds me of my first visit to a pro-gay church back in 1978. The sanctuary was full of folks declaring themselves to be both gay and Christian, and looking, truth to tell, terrific. There were couples of all ages standing arm in arm, single men and women, and even some kids scattered throughout the pews. They seemed robust and sincere as they sang choruses and hymns I was familiar with, Continue Reading

Assessing Matthew Vines’ “God and the Gay Christian” Part III – Jesus and Homosexuality


The heart is an artist that paints over what profoundly disturbs us, leaving on the canvas a less dark, less sharp version of the truth. -Dean Koontz, Forever Od When you love someone, you hope they're right. If they’re wrong, you can confront their wrong while praying they come to see the truth, or you can revisit the truth itself and see if might reconsider, be flexible, change its stance. The notorious story of comedian W.C. Fields comes to mind, in which someone sees him on his death bed perusing the Bible and asks him what he’s Continue Reading

Blind Spots

And would some Power the small gift give us To see ourselves as others see us! It would from many a blunder free us, And foolish notion. -Robert Burns  My wife and I just finished talking about frustrations we have with people, events, and me. (I always manage to make the list) And that’s what marriage is for – you need one safe place to vent without editing your comments, so whatever’s bothering you about your church, neighbors or friends can be discussed openly with your spouse, minus the careful choice of words and diplomacy you Continue Reading

About Jason Collins, Homosexuality and Christianity

Jason collins

Every Monday we’ll post something to do with maintaining sexual purity. Hope it helps. — About Jason Collins, Homosexuality and Christianity Two weeks ago I posted about a then-unknown pro athlete who was shortly going to “come out” and declare his homosexuality. Yesterday NBA pro Jason Collins ended the suspense by announcing not only that he was the one, but that he’s also, in his own words, someone who “takes the teachings of Jesus seriously.” So this is how I’d respond to him if given the chance. Dear Continue Reading

Prayers and Mercy for Rick Warren and Family


Pastor Rick Warren’s beloved son Matthew just took his life, leaving behind a devastated family and a multitude of unanswered, and probably unanswerable, questions. I’ve wrestled with depression for decades and was diagnosed, during one horrific period of my life, as suicidal. It’s been decades, but I’ll never consider myself immune to depression’s pull. When it hits, it’s a tsunami, and swimming against it seems all but fruitless. So to a point, I strongly empathize with Matthew, even as I want to kick his butt and say “Can’t you see Continue Reading