How Then Should We Respond? Homosexuality and The Church

church prayer

I’d sure appreciate your prayers, as this weekend I’ll be speaking in Atlanta for the Love Won Out conference on homosexuality and the Church’s response. I don’t normally post on this topic since I’ve already written a number of books and articles on it, but today I would like to pass along an article I wrote for the Southern Baptist Voice back in ’02 on the subject of a Biblical response to this difficult issue. It’s a long post, but if the subject is of concern to you, I hope you’ll find this a useful read. God bless, and have a terrific Continue Reading

Unleashing Samson


Every Monday we’ll post something to do with personal purity. Hope it helps. --- Unleashing Samson He was strong and impressive; a clever Nazarite who could spin riddles, destroy lions barehanded and conquer a thousand men with a donkey’s jawbone. He was Samson, and he was not to be messed with. Yet this man of strength eventually found himself tied up, blinded and put to work at a grindstone like a common mule. What happened? Compromise. Samson was bound by a vow to abstain from drinking wine, eating unclean meat, and cutting his Continue Reading