Worship and Recovery

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Guest posting by Renee Dallas Note from Joe: I’ve received a number of messages from wives asking for help dealing with their own pain over their husband’s behavior, so  thought I’d let my own wife Renee respond with some ideas she has on the subject, since she runs a ministry to wives. For more articles by Renee, and for more information on her work, go to wifeboat.com. Continue Reading

To My Wife, “Still Glad?” by Joe Dallas Poet Wanna-Be

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To My Wife Still Glad? by Joe Dallas Poet Wanna-Be We faced the man and stood upright Me in a tux, you all in white The year was 1987 The place was packed, the music Heaven You showed, you glowed. But are you glad you did? He read the vows, then came the gaffe He said “Obey.” You choked and laughed. He said “Do you?” You paused. (You did!) I said “It’s not the time to kid.” So you said “yes”, and all the rest But now, confess. Are you still glad you did? A week in Maui came up next Amazing suite, fantastic (never mind) Back Continue Reading