The Default Principle


When you discover an intense experience, it becomes yours. You adopt it, mentally and permanently. And once it’s adopted, it stays in your memory as a part of your experiential history. Continue Reading

The Times They Are A-Changin’ – Should I?


Maybe we've had it too easy. Continue Reading

Another Spirit

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But my servant Caleb, because he had another spirit with him, and hath followed me fully, him will I bring into the land where into he went; and his seed shall possess it. – Numbers 14:24 There’s a spirit within most people, I guess, which could properly be called the status quo spirit – the frame of mind and heart that settles, stays with what’s comfortably familiar, and never considers conquering new territory. It doesn’t dream; it doesn’t dare, and it craves the comfort of the predictable, so there it sits, safe and calm. Then there’s Continue Reading

Judgment Days


“For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged.” -Matthew 7:2      I remember hearing Pastor Chuck Smith, years ago, admit (from the pulpit no less!) “You should be glad I wasn’t God yesterday, ‘cause if I was, I’d have sent everyone to hell!” How I loved it - a great and godly man admitted he had lousy days when he could barely tolerate people. And while that doesn’t give me permission to wish hell on folks, it comforts me to know I’m not alone when I do. People are, among a myriad of other things, irritating. Not always, but at Continue Reading

The Default Principle

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When you discover behavior that delivers pleasurable impact, your brain will crave a repetition of the impact. Accept this fact and prepare for it, and you’ll go far towards maintaining integrity over the years. Continue Reading

From the Ashes – Remembering 9/11

911 Memorial

You remember where you were when it all came down. And what you were doing, and how you felt when you first saw the surreal images that caused so many of us to say “This can’t be happening.” Nothing in modern American history matches September 11, 2001, so today we remember, honoring the victims, praising the heroes, and asking ourselves what we learned from that horror. Continue Reading

Prayer’s Block


Anyone who’s tried writing can attest to the frustration of Writer’s Block. It happens when you sit your body in front of the computer, but your mind floats someplace else, refusing to put the harness on and get the flow going. It won’t enter in, and until it does, you stare at the screen, get up and down, play an online game, whatever. Volumes have been written about it, and plenty of despairing would-be authors lap up any advice they can get on how to beat the beast and make those first few paragraphs happen. Continue Reading

When Hurting is Helpful


Every Monday we’ll post something to do with maintaining sexual purity. Hope it helps. — When Hurting is Helpful “ --- neither will I offer burnt offerings unto the Lord my God of that which doth cost me nothing.” - II Samuel 24:24 I see nothing in scripture or common sense leading me to believe life shouldn’t be savored. Paul told Timothy that God has given us all things richly to enjoy (I Timothy 6:17) and I say bring it on. There are walks to take, movies to see, waves to ride, footballs to toss, and an endless variety of meals to Continue Reading

Tears of Remembrance On Good Friday

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Every Friday we’ll take a break from topical posts and will post some random personal thoughts. — Tears of Remembrance on Good Friday I cried when I saw Schindler’s List, copiously and without embarrassment. The film taught me nothing new about the holocaust, so it didn’t educate me. But it reminded me, via graphic story-telling, of something unfathomable, something that should regularly be remembered and grieved. So weeping was called for. But afterwards I had to ask myself So what? Would crying erase the suffering, much less Continue Reading

The Error That We Breathe

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Every Wednesday we’ll post a message having to do with doctrine and purity. Hope it helps. — The Error That We Breathe  “Inability to distinguish doctrine is spreading far and wide, and so long as the preacher is clever and earnest, hundreds seem to think it must be all right, and call you dreadfully ‘narrow and uncharitable’ if you hint that he is unsound!” - J.C. Ryle Bishop John C. Ryle’s warning, quoted above, was written before his death in 1900, so it’s more than a century old. And it couldn’t be more relevant. The ability to Continue Reading