Walking Wisely


Blessed is the man who walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. -Psalms 1: 1-2 What we listen to has a lot to do with where we are. We’re sheep, after all, and that’s what sheep do: they listen, then they follow. You and I don’t have much to say about our “sheep status” as listeners and followers. Even those of us who lead are in turn being led by something, because that’s our nature. But we can and do choose which voices we’ll tune into, and that choice will Continue Reading

Have We Learned?


I see a lot of conservative salivating over the scandals plaguing President Obama, and indeed, it looks grim for the man who ran on a hope ticket and promised unprecedented transparency. The possibility of deliberate cover-ups or misinformation regarding Benghazi, the IRS targeting of conservatives, and federal snooping of select AP journalists, all put an undeniable cloud over this White House, and each day seems to promise more rain. The specter of Watergate is already being invoked by talking heads, not all of whom tilt right and Continue Reading

Obama’s Blunder; Was It Really That Bad? Renee and Joe at an Impasse

kamala harris

Renee and I are having an argument and nobody’s budging. It’s not bad; we’re just at an impasse over President Obama’s remarks about Secretary of State Kamala Harris, his subsequent apology, and the media fallout. Now, as I understand it, The President, addressing a fundraising lunch in Atherton, California , referred to Ms. Harris as “the best-looking attorney general in the country." Uproar ensured; talking heads bobbed. No surprise there; that’s the kind of thing our 24 hour news cycle thrives on. But what did startle me was my dear Continue Reading

Random Ramblings #47: A Tale of Two Pastors


Every Friday we’ll leave the topic oriented post, and instead post some personal comments. — That whoosh you’re hearing is the sound of the world spinning around you as it continues going upside down. Listen to the news and you can’t help but hear it. Today’s reminder concerns Pastor Luis Giglio, an accomplished and widely regarded minister who was scheduled to deliver President Obama’s benediction during his inaugural ceremony. Scheduled, as in past tense, because it recently came to light that a decade ago the reverend referred to Continue Reading

The Gay Marriage Debate: Winning, Losing or Dropping Out? (Part 1)

gay pride flag

Every Friday we’ll take a break from topical posts and will post some random personal thoughts.  — The Gay Marriage Debate: Winning, Losing or Dropping Out? (Links to all four parts at the end of the article) If conservative believers have been trying to convince the public that same-sex marriage is wrong, then we’re not only failing; we’ve failed. Look at virtually any poll on the subject and you’ll see growing support for Adam and Steve, whether in statistics from CNN, The Washington Post or Gallup. In fact, according to a recent Continue Reading

Random Ramblings #33: The News Is Actually Encouraging Today

joe 2

Every Friday we’ll take a break from topical posts and will post some random personal thoughts.  — A Cuppa Joe - Random Ramblings from a Fellow Struggler Scanning a newspaper and feeling encouraged don’t general go together, but this morning I find they do, for three reasons. First there’s Kylie Bisutti, a name you’re no doubt hearing repeatedly. She was the Victoria’s Secret Runway Angel of 2009 who, as a Christian, found it harder and harder to justify earning her income through modeling sexy lingerie. Recently married, she announced Continue Reading