Reparative Therapy: What it Is, What it Isn’t, Why it Matters (Part One of a Five Part Series)

Then said Evangelist, 'If this by thy condition, why standest thou still?' He answered, 'Because I know not where to go.' -Pilgrim's Progress Been There, Done That, Thank God Thirty one years ago I asked for help, and I got it. Continue Reading

When Consciences Collide: Making Sense of the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act


“It behooves every man who values liberty of conscience for himself, to resist invasions of it in the case of others.” -Thomas Jefferson Been There, Done That Had That Done to Me Amidst all of today’s clamor over discrimination based on religious or moral standards, I’m remembering an incident when I was on the receiving end of it myself. Continue Reading

Wrestling with Arizona


I’ve been wrestling with the rightness or wrongness of SB 1062 the controversial bill passed by the Arizona Legislature but vetoed by the state’s Governor Jan Brewer which would have granted private businesses protection if they chose not to offer services that violated their religious beliefs. Continue Reading

Twinkie Salad


 It’s become chic to say Christians should be known more by what we’re for  than what we’re against. Usually the phrase is employed to criticize believers who openly stand against abortion, homosexuality, pornography or unclean entertainment. (Though interestingly enough, if the same believers stand against human trafficking or child abuse, no one pulls out the For and Against line.) And to a point I agree. If our primary message has been a one-note tirade against select sins, then yeah, we blew it. That’s Law without Gospel, obsession with one Continue Reading

Sick of it All


And the land had rest from war.” – Joshua 11:23 Joshua is a book about conflict, an exciting and sobering look at Israel’s possession of Canaan and the variety of battles involved in that conquest. I’m especially taken with its examples of warfare principles, principles I can apply while fighting my own battles and hopefully moving on, taking ground, conquering. If you haven’t yet gone through the book, let me strongly recommend it. It’s an exhilarating read. Continue Reading

News That Made Me Smile


The news this season is anything but uplifting. Scandals at federal levels, terrorism at international ones, unspeakable crimes against children, general social and moral decay. But a few stories this week actually put a huge grin on my face. Maybe you’ve already seen or heard them, but on the off chance you didn’t, let’s review them, because they’re fun, or funny, or inspiring, or all three. Well, you gotta love the first one. A couple days ago J.R. Gilkinson was sailing with a few family members just off Newport Beach in California, when Continue Reading

Have We Learned?


I see a lot of conservative salivating over the scandals plaguing President Obama, and indeed, it looks grim for the man who ran on a hope ticket and promised unprecedented transparency. The possibility of deliberate cover-ups or misinformation regarding Benghazi, the IRS targeting of conservatives, and federal snooping of select AP journalists, all put an undeniable cloud over this White House, and each day seems to promise more rain. The specter of Watergate is already being invoked by talking heads, not all of whom tilt right and Continue Reading

Weekend At The Movies


If you’re off to the movies this weekend you might consider Robert Redford’s new film “The Company You Keep.” Being at odds with Mr. Redford on virtually all things social and political, I went to the theater expecting a left wing sermon, especially considering the supporting cast of Susan Sarandon, Nick Nolte and other notable Hollywood liberals. But I actually liked it so much I took my wife and son to see it with me for a second viewing, and it opened up a long and interesting family discussion on guilt, youthful zeal, Baby Boomers and Continue Reading

Talking Marriage With A Human Rights Commission


This week I was asked to speak to a Human Rights Commission in another state about the role Christians can play in opposing discrimination. I appreciated the chance, and enjoyed discussing how conservative Christians like myself find common ground with anyone opposing the mistreatment of others. During my presentation, I mentioned that Jesus did clarify in Matthew 19 that marriage was designed to be a heterosexual, monogamous and permanent union, yet He also vigorously defended the marginalized – prostitutes, a Samaritan woman living with a man Continue Reading

Relevance or Revision?

casual Christians guy with open bible

Ten years ago I wrote this for a local church that was challenged by its own denomination’s wavering on homosexuality. Since this church refused to accept the denomination’s drift towards a pro-homosexual position, it was being accused by many of being “irrelevant.”  I wrote this for them in response to that charge, and running across it today, I decided to dust it off and pass it on again. Hope it’s useful. --- RELEVANCE OR REVISION? Are Christians called to re-write the Bible in order to truly love our gay friends and neighbors? I think Continue Reading