“For the wrath of man does not work the righteousness of God.” - James 1:20 Some stories put me in touch with my inner murderer. This one’s a pretty good example. Continue Reading

Unmasked in Marriage

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Damn you! You little prying Pandora! You little demon - is this what you wanted to see? Curse you, you little lying Delilah! You little viper Now you cannot ever be free! -The Phantom once he's unmasked, from Lloyd-Webber's 'Phantom of the Opera' Continue Reading

The Times They Are A-Changin’ – Should I?


Maybe we've had it too easy. Continue Reading

Top Ten Movie Quotes

Movie Quotes

Having loved films the better part of my life, certain lines from certain movies have always stuck with me. Since the weekend is a time many of us consider what movie to go see, I thought that, while we’re in the mood for a flick, we might consider some of our all-time favorite movie lines. Here are mine, in order from 10th Favorite to #1 Favorite. (And I’d love knowing what yours are, too.) Favorite Quote #10 -from A River Runs Through It  (1992) “For it is true that we can seldom help those closest to us. Either we don’t know what part Continue Reading

James Foley, ISIS and Wrath

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“For the wrath of man does not work the righteousness of God.” - James 1:20 You’ve seen the photo by now, maybe even the video: an American journalist kneeling seconds before his utterly senseless, depraved execution. James Foley’s murder is just the latest link in a chain of outrages committed by this monstrosity called ISIS, a group representing Islamic extremism at its worst and man at his most depraved. Swift and strategic action is called for. So is disgust, heartbreak and prayers for the Foleys, and righteous anger generating whatever Continue Reading

ISIS, Charles Manson, and Redemption

Cross in the Dark

“Be not overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.” -Romans 12:21 It doesn’t sink in easily. Whole families are being slaughtered, children are executed in the most barbaric of ways, and the evil which is ISIS seems all too proud of what the rest of us recoil from. It’s very, very hard to believe the photos and videos making the rounds today are authentic. Surely it’s a repulsive joke; nobody could really do that. Continue Reading

Wrestling with Arizona


I’ve been wrestling with the rightness or wrongness of SB 1062 the controversial bill passed by the Arizona Legislature but vetoed by the state’s Governor Jan Brewer which would have granted private businesses protection if they chose not to offer services that violated their religious beliefs. Continue Reading

Without Excuse

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“If I justify myself, mine own mouth shall condemn me ---” -Job 9:20           I haven’t even wanted to think about the Ariel Castro case, much less write about it. Castro has confessed to what was undisputedly exposed in Cleveland last May - that he had kidnapped and imprisoned three girls, violating them as captives in his home for over a decade. The details are unthinkable, and thankfully we’ll be spared a trial since the accused has pled guilty, accepting a bargain of life imprisonment plus 1000 years in lieu of the death penalty. But Continue Reading

The Scare Snare


Every Thursday we’ll post something to do with relational or emotional concerns. Hope it helps. — The Scare Snare The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe. - Proverbs 29:25 “Wimp” is a hateful word, one of the worst you can hurl at a man. It’s an accusation of weakness and cowardliness combined, associated not only with low testosterone, but lowness of character as well. Nobody admires a wimp. But nobody’s immune from fear, either, because there’s lots to fear, and no guarantees that our Continue Reading

To Love, Honor and Heal

From the movie The Goodbye Girl

Every Tuesday we’ll be posting an article about restoring and strengthening marriages that have been damaged by sexual sin. Hope it’s helpful. — To Love, Honor and Heal “On the other hand we ask of our beloved to correct all of the wrongs that these early parents or siblings inflicted on us. So that love contains in it a contradiction, the attempt to return to the past and the attempt to undo the past.” - from the film ‘Crimes and Misdemeanors’ Every so often the guys in Hollywood get it right. Even Woody Allen, a man I was a big fan of Continue Reading