What About Bruce Jenner?

Bruce Jenner

I’m a logician. No matter how wrong I am, I can always convince myself I am right. -Jarod Kintz   Continue Reading

World Vision: And the Hits (To Integrity) Just Keep On Comin’

World Vision

"I'm hoping this (decision to hire openly gay employees in same sex marriages) may inspire unity among others as well, to say how can we come together across some differences and still join together as brothers and sisters in Christ in our common mission of building the kingdom." -World Vision President Richard Stearns  Another one bites the dust. Christianity Today broke the story this afternoon that World Vision, the well known Christian charitable organization which has fostered sponsorship of needy children for over 60 years, is Continue Reading

The Gay Marriage Debate: Winning, Losing or Dropping Out? (Part 1)

gay pride flag

Every Friday we’ll take a break from topical posts and will post some random personal thoughts.  — The Gay Marriage Debate: Winning, Losing or Dropping Out? (Links to all four parts at the end of the article) If conservative believers have been trying to convince the public that same-sex marriage is wrong, then we’re not only failing; we’ve failed. Look at virtually any poll on the subject and you’ll see growing support for Adam and Steve, whether in statistics from CNN, The Washington Post or Gallup. In fact, according to a recent Continue Reading

How Then Should We Respond? Homosexuality and The Church

church prayer

I’d sure appreciate your prayers, as this weekend I’ll be speaking in Atlanta for the Love Won Out conference on homosexuality and the Church’s response. I don’t normally post on this topic since I’ve already written a number of books and articles on it, but today I would like to pass along an article I wrote for the Southern Baptist Voice back in ’02 on the subject of a Biblical response to this difficult issue. It’s a long post, but if the subject is of concern to you, I hope you’ll find this a useful read. God bless, and have a terrific Continue Reading

Compromised Holiness; Compromised Impact


Every Wednesday we’ll post something to do with doctrine and recovery. Hope it helps. — Compromised Holiness; Compromised Impact “Do as I say, not as I do” is a message no responsible parent gives a child, for obvious reasons. You can’t expect kids to respect, much less obey, mothers and fathers who blatantly disregard the standards they impose on others. Granted, no one perfectly lives up to every ideal they teach, but in healthy families, parents will generally live in consistency with the values and boundaries they promote in the Continue Reading