TIME Magazine, Evangelicals, and Gays

Time Magazine coverLast week TIME magazine ran a feature story on evangelical churches that are changing their position on homosexuality. The article said, in essence, that Evangelicals are experiencing a shift in our thinking, similar to the kind many segregationist Christians experienced during the Civil Rights Movement.

To a point I have to agree – certainly, a growing number of believers are re-thinking the issue. And while I strongly disagree with those who are adopting a pro-gay interpretation of the Bible, and of Christianity itself, I want to hear what they have to say and better understand their reasons for saying it. Clearly, then, the TIME article was of real interest to me.

What struck me the most about it was that the reasons given for moving from the belief that homosexual conduct is a sin, to the belief that it is legitimate. To me it didn’t seem that the people interviewed had taken a disciplined, hard look at Scripture and come to a new conclusion. Rather, it seemed to me they had been swayed by emotions more than anything else.

And legitimate ones, I would add: Emotional repugnance at the way some Christians have handled the issue; sympathy for homosexual people who want to serve God but feel powerless to do anything about their orientation; and desire – strong desire! – to insure that gays and lesbians never feel excluded from the Gospel invitation.

I part company with them, though, when they insist that affirmation of homosexuality is the only way to truly love and accept a homosexual person. While reading the article I even said so aloud, where no one could hear me. Shortly afterwards I got a call from my friend Carrie Abbott of the Seattle-based Legacy Institute, who hosts the radio show Institute Out Loud. She asked if I’d like to comment on the article and the issues it raised, and I gratefully accepted.   You can find the interviews here, which aired Thursday and Friday this week.

Thursday: “Evangelicals and Gay Marriage

Friday: “Evangelical Confusion

I hope you’ll take time to listen to them, consider again the importance of the subject, and prayerfull remember today’s Church by asking God to keep us faithful to both His Word and His Compassion, never sacrificing one for the sake of the other, and never shying away from speaking the truth in love, nor from loving sincerely when we speak.   Hope you enjoy these interviews.

Have a great weekend! Thanks for being here.

Love, Joe

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