The Same-Sex Wedding Invitation Debate

Gay Wedding

Lots of buzz lately about whether or not a Christian should attend a same-sex wedding ceremony. And as buzz goes, this one’s awfully relevant, as more and more believers are facing this practical, emotional choice: Accept the invitation although I don’t believe in same sex marriage, or decline and risk alienating someone I deeply love? And as the old song goes, Everybody’s Talkin’. Stephen Arterburn of New Life Ministries recently blogged at the Huffington Post that Jesus would definitely say yes to such an event, so we should go and do Continue Reading

Cycling for the Kids


April is National Child Abuse Awareness month, so this Saturday I’ll have the privilege of cycling for abused children in the annual Tour de OC Bike-A-Thon, which raises funds for girls and boys to attend Royal Family Kids Camp.  RFKC is a program designed for children aged 6-12 who’ve survived abuse, where they’re sponsored, mentored, and given a camp experience to help in their growth and healing. For years now, our family has volunteered for the Bike-A-Thon by hosting rest stops where riders can get snacks and water. But during last Continue Reading

Armed and Suffering


Forasmuch then as Christ hath suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves likewise with the same mind: for he that hath suffered in the flesh hath ceased from sin. – I Peter 4:1 In 1982 I tried getting into some serious bodybuilding, putting my then 27 year old carcass through a tortuous regime which I came to really love. My trainer spent a good deal of time prepping me for the bodybuilding lifestyle, emphasizing what became an important, obvious point: If I could fully embrace the necessity of pain for the sake of gain, I'd succeed. I Continue Reading

Tears on Good Friday


I cried when I saw Schindler’s List, copiously and without embarrassment. The film taught me nothing new about the holocaust, so it didn’t educate me. But it reminded me through graphic story-telling of something unfathomable, something that should regularly be remembered and grieved. So weeping was called for. But afterwards I had to ask myself So what? Would crying erase the suffering, much less annihilation, of the victims? For that matter, would crying over racism, cruelty and genocide make them stop? Tears are fine; actions are better. Continue Reading

No, uh, I Didn’t Like It (But I Can’t Get Upset About It, Either)


Last night my family and I finally got around to seeing the much-touted film Noah, both because we’ve been looking forward to it since we first saw its trailers months ago, and second,  to see what all the fuss was about. Bottom line: There’s lots to fuss about. It veers from being somewhat then wildly un-Biblical, to at times offering glimpses of sound doctrine. I give it a B+ for production value;  a D for accuracy; and a resounding A for chutzpah in offering some of the weirdest ideas I’ve ever heard linked to the story of the great Continue Reading

Speaking this Weekend and Coveting Prayers

I'd sure appreciate your prayers this weekend, as I'll have the pleasure of speaking in Fairfax, VA, for Regeneration Ministries' annual conference. Friday morning I'll be speaking to counselors on treatment for sexual addiction (register here) then Friday and Saturday I'll be presenting The Game Plan seminar on sexual purity for men. (here) Saturday night I'll address the Regeneration Fundraising Dinner (here) then Sunday morning I'll be giving the sermon at Christ our Shepherd Church on Capitol Hill. (here) If you're in the area it would be Continue Reading

Worship and Recovery

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Guest posting by Renee Dallas Note from Joe: I’ve received a number of messages from wives asking for help dealing with their own pain over their husband’s behavior, so  thought I’d let my own wife Renee respond with some ideas she has on the subject, since she runs a ministry to wives. For more articles by Renee, and for more information on her work, go to Continue Reading