“It Contains Adult Language —“

R rating

Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers. -Ephesians 4:29     We get warnings before watching certain movies on TV, explaining why a film is rated PG-13 or R. Often the rating is earned because of “adult language” – read ‘dirty words’ – so we’re prepared to hear expletive deleteds we normally would avoid. Continue Reading

A Welcome Divergence


My son and I caught a screening of the new Neil Burger film Divergent yesterday, and while I can’t say I was blown away, I did like it enough to recommend it, both for the quality of the film itself, and for the relevant-as-today’s-paper questions it raises. Continue Reading

World Vision, Same Sex Marriage and Us: Responding or Reacting?

Many of you e-mailed me privately or messaged me about my response to World Vision over their policy change towards hiring people in same sex marriages, announced Monday , then on their reversal, announced yesterday. Some of you took strong exception to my position, and that of most conservative Evangelicals, on the WV situation and on sexuality in general. So I’d like to address some of the points you raised, because they're of interest to all of us, no matter where we stand. Continue Reading

Update: World Vision Reverses its Policy on Same Sex Marriage

World Vision

On Monday I posted my concerns about Word Vision's policy change regarding same sex marriage, found here: Just this afternoon, World Magazine has reported an announcement from World Vision regarding its controversial decision to employee homosexual partners within same sex marriages. The President of World Vision now says the board of the organization regrets its decision, is heartbroken over the confusion that decision has caused, and especially apologizes for overlooking the Biblical ramifications of such a policy change. You can read his Continue Reading

Who’s Counting?


Blessed is the man unto whom the Lord imputeth not iniquity. -Psalm 32:2     I am amazed at the God who forgets. My old friend Randall Slack just did a post on that very subject – “The God Who Forgets” – which is well worth a read and can be found on his blogsite here. http://yourtendermercies.wordpress.com/2014/03/24/the-god-who-forgets/ Continue Reading

The Good Fight


“Our quarrel was such A way of loving so much.” -“Reunited” by Peaches and herb Healthy couples fight. Not too often; seldom viciously; never violently. But they do fight, and usually, to my thinking, they’re better off for it. Continue Reading

World Vision: And the Hits (To Integrity) Just Keep On Comin’

World Vision

"I'm hoping this (decision to hire openly gay employees in same sex marriages) may inspire unity among others as well, to say how can we come together across some differences and still join together as brothers and sisters in Christ in our common mission of building the kingdom." -World Vision President Richard Stearns  Another one bites the dust. Christianity Today broke the story this afternoon that World Vision, the well known Christian charitable organization which has fostered sponsorship of needy children for over 60 years, is Continue Reading

Fred Phelps: The Symptom of our Sickness

 “I'll explain, and I'll be sure to use small words so that you'll be sure to understand. You wart-hog-faced-buffoon!” - The Princess Bride Buffoons have their place, but they shouldn’t. They contribute nothing but noise and, accomplished only in the art of the obnoxious, they pass gas and call it an insight. They both earn and love our contempt; they’re revolting. So when they exit, tears are hardly expected. Fred Phelps, founder and head buffoon of the Westboro Baptist God-Hates-Fags cult, has exited, and tears are few. His notoriety Continue Reading

St. Patrick and Purity


In Honor of St. Patrick’s Day Some Limerick Thoughts on Keeping it Clean, Laddie   Continue Reading

The Imperfect Conqueror

1870 Engraving of the Prophet Elijah

I get it when I read that God loves me. Forgives me, too, which is more of a plus than I’ll ever realize. The question haunting me just about every day is, But does that mean He’s for me? Continue Reading