Eternally Secure, Perpetually Striving

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Every Wednesday we’ll post something having to do with doctrine and purity. Hope it helps. — Eternally Secure, Perpetually Striving One of Christianity’s longest running arguments has to do with the believer’s security. If one has been born again, can he ever lose his salvation? If so, how? And, once lost, can it ever be retrieved? I’m not entirely settled on the issue myself. Some of my favorite scriptures (and indeed, ones I draw no small comfort from) bolster the “once saved, always saved” position. “No man is able to pluck them Continue Reading

He’s Just Not That Into Him


Every Tuesday we’ll post something to do with strengthening marriages. Hope it helps. — He’s Just Not That Into Him A book and subsequent film titled “He’s Just Not That Into You” looked at the phenomena of single women who find it hard to accept the fact that when a man doesn’t return phone calls, breaks promises to get in touch, or keeps making excuses for not getting together, it doesn’t mean he had a car accident. Nor was he kidnapped, drugged, or overcome with the flu. It simply means he’s not that into you. Brutal fact, but there Continue Reading

Your Name, Your Impact

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Every Monday we’ll post something about maintaining your sexual integrity. Hope it helps. — Your Name, Your Impact “A good character is the best tombstone. Those who loved you and were helped by you will remember you when forget-me-nots have withered. Carve your name on hearts, not on marble.” - Charles Spurgeon The people who’ve known you feel something when they hear your name, because your name represents how you’ve affected them. Interesting how that works. By way of example, just monitor your emotions while reading these Continue Reading

Random Ramblings #49: Radio Interviews, Speaking Engagements and Grace Under Fire

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Busy week. A higher than usual number of people come in for appointments each January, a month of new starts, fresh commitments. And even though I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, I love the freshness of the new Daytimers, new digits on the check book, and the multitude of  “OK this year we’re really going to ---” remarks that pass between my wife and I. For me this is an idealistic season, one that I know will nudge me further along towards important goals. I’ll improve, mess up, improve again, and wind up a few notches ahead of Continue Reading

The Error That We Breathe

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Every Wednesday we’ll post a message having to do with doctrine and purity. Hope it helps. — The Error That We Breathe  “Inability to distinguish doctrine is spreading far and wide, and so long as the preacher is clever and earnest, hundreds seem to think it must be all right, and call you dreadfully ‘narrow and uncharitable’ if you hint that he is unsound!” - J.C. Ryle Bishop John C. Ryle’s warning, quoted above, was written before his death in 1900, so it’s more than a century old. And it couldn’t be more relevant. The ability to Continue Reading

Hers, Mine and Ours

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Every Tuesday we’ll post something to do with strengthening marriages. Hope it helps. — Hers, Mine and Ours “Likewise the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife.” - I Corinthians 7:4 St. Paul doesn’t leave a married guy much leeway when it comes to his own body. First he reminds the man that if he belongs to Christ, then he is “not his own.” Then he clarifies who the true owner is when he informs him that what he calls his body is actually a temple of the Holy Spirit (I Corinthians 6:19) and that he is literally a Continue Reading

Scars: Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King with Resilience


“For the victory to be won some of us will have to get scarred a bit.” - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. To admire is not to idealize, nor is it to be blinded to obvious flaws. So yes, I’ve read about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s alleged infidelities, and the evidence supporting the allegations is, alas, pretty solid.  Also, his political views probably tilted further left than he publicly acknowledged so no, I don’t assume everything he said was right, much less inspired. (I am in fact in disagreement with him on some points, militarism and Continue Reading

Random Ramblings #48: Gun Control, Lance Armstrong, Jodie Foster and The Impossible

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Every Friday we’ll leave the topic oriented post, and instead post some personal comments. — A Cuppa Joe Gun control seems to be on everyone’s agenda or hit list, depending on which side of the aisle you root for. The restrictions Obama’s proposing, in light of the Newton tragedy, look innocuous enough, and I personally am not afraid of background checks for gun owners or limits on sales of automatic weapons. What does have me nervous is the trend, which I doubt will end with these initial proposed laws, regardless of the fact they’re not Continue Reading

The Joy of Awful

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Every Thursday I’ll post an article having to do with either relational or emotional matters. Hope it helps. — The Joy of Awful “A person overtly expresses distress, but it is covertly gratified at the prospect of the satisfaction they can wring from their misfortune.” - Dr. Eric Berne, Games People Play Even as a child, dynamics between people interested me. I was ten years old when Eric Berne’s classic Games People Play was published, and since I helped myself regularly to my parent’s reading material, I dove into the book, Continue Reading

Our God’s Most High

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Every Monday we’ll post something about maintaining your sexual integrity. Hope it helps. — Our Gods Most High A depressing, recurring phrase shows up throughout the Old Testament books of the Kings and Chronicles: “King so-and-so ruled, and he did not tear down the high places.” The phrase “high places”, in fact, appears some 100 times in the Old Testament, and that alone makes the subject worth our attention. Evidently the high places of ancient times were raised locations, elevated areas where stones or monuments were erected by the Continue Reading