Random Ramblings #45: Hoarders


Every Friday we’ll take a break from topical posts and will post some random personal thoughts.  — Hoarders In our men’s Bible study this morning, our leader pointed out the number of believers who are, in essence, sitting on the gifts God gave them. They have capacities; they see problems their capacities could help solve; yet they sit on those capacities rather than using them. And the concept of hoarding came to my mind. You’ve heard the term, no doubt. It applies to people who compulsively hang onto items they don’t need but have Continue Reading

Good Grief

man on a beach

Every Thursday I’ll post an article having to do with either relational or emotional matters. Hope it helps. — Good Grief “Nobody wants to be good at grieving – we are half afraid that having such a skill would only attract more grief. But because you will not be spared from times of loss, it is important to believe that your grief has a purpose.” -Bob Deits, Recovering After Loss I’m a loser. I’m losing hair, strength, eyesight, patience. With each loss comes a degree of irritable sadness and a little amusement at the whole Continue Reading

So Right, So Wrong

1870 Engraving of the Prophet Elijah

Every Wednesday we’ll post something to do with doctrine and recovery. Hope it helps. — So Right, So Wrong “The children of Israel have forsaken Your covenant, torn down Your altars, and killed Your prophets with the sword. I alone am left.” - Elijah, downcast and afraid, from I Kings 19:10 How easily we can swing between two critical errors: doctrinal sloppiness and self-righteousness. Between the two I’d say doctrinal sloppiness is the easier one to notice. After all, something is either true or it’s not, the standard of truth to Continue Reading

The Other Bond

anna karenina

Every Tuesday we’ll post something to do with restoring marriages. Hope it helps. — The Other Bond Adultery is trending. Anna Karenina opened in movie theaters last week, updating one of literature’s most renowned extra marital affairs. Liz and Dick, the Lifetime Channel’s biopic on the notorious Taylor/Burton relationship which began with infidelity and became a national obsession, aired Sunday night. And, of course, we’re still sorting out the confusing, tangled elements of the Petraeus scandal. So the act of straying outside Continue Reading

Private Wars

Worried man with hand to forehead

Every Monday we’ll post something about maintaining your sexual integrity. Hope it helps. — Private Wars Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul. - I Peter 2:11 The way we stuffed ourselves last week underscores one of life’s hardest truths: what we crave is often at odds with what we really want. We crave delightful food, viewing, smelling, then biting into the good stuff with relish. And we’re doubly grateful for a national holiday greenlighting our gluttony, a Continue Reading

Random Ramblings #44: Post-Thanksgiving “How ya’ doin’?”

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Every Friday we’ll take a break from topical posts and will post some random personal thoughts.  — A Cuppa Joe - Random Ramblings from a Fellow Struggler I’ll ask this very quietly – how ya doin’? I’m whispering because I have the decency to assume you’re as wiped out as I am, and a loud voice is the last thing you need. That’s not to suggest you drank too much yesterday. I certainly didn’t. But I everything’d too much, then washed it down with — everything. And upon viewing the aftermath in the dining room, living room, kitchen (God have Continue Reading

Doing It Right

Happy Thanksgiving from Joe

Every Thursday we’ll post something having to do with relationships and/or emotions. Hope it helps. — Doing It Right “Bless the Lord oh my soul, and forget not all His benefits.” -Psalm 103:2 “Blow, blow thou winter wind”, Shakespeare said. “Thou art not so unkind as Man’s ingratitude. Freeze, freeze thou bitter sky. Thou dost not bite so nigh as benefits forgot.” Not me. I want to do it right today, in five particular ways. Before all the hoopla starts, I will set aside time for focused prayer and genuine thanksgiving. Continue Reading



Every Wednesday we’ll post something to do with doctrine and recovery. Hope it helps. — Self –Watch “But I discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest, after I have preached Christ to others, I myself should become disqualified.” - I Corinthians 9:27 You’ve gotta appreciate Paul’s honesty. Here’s the great apostle/evangelist admitting that even at this point of his life and ministry, self-watch is essential. After preaching Christ to others, he realizes he could step outside God’s approval, and here, I think, he’s warning all Continue Reading

How Do I Know He’s Getting Better? Five Things to Look for When a Man Says He’s Repentant

Remind him that you’re his partner and want the best for him, your marriage and your family.

Every Tuesday we’ll post something to do with restoring marriages. Hope it helps. — How Do I Know He’s Getting Better? Five Things to Look for When a Man Says He’s Repentant  Wives often ask my wife and I how they can really know their husband, who’s committed some form of sexual sin, is getting better. While there’s no acid test, there are some things I believe a woman can and should expect when her man says, “I was wrong; I’ve repented of it.” If that’s the case, here are the top five things I think she should see: 1. Action You’ll see Continue Reading

Restful Truth

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Every Monday we’ll post something about maintaining your sexual integrity. Hope it helps. — Restful Truth Behold, You desire truth in the inward parts. - Psalm 51:6 It all began with a lie. The Serpent assured her that when God said “You’ll die” He must have meant something else. And that He wanted to deny her something she should have, and that it would be life-giving. All lies; all accepted then acted on. Funny how the lies we believe influence the decisions we make, decisions we then lie about as we try to cover them up, minimize Continue Reading